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ca. 2000 B.C.E.
This axe head is made of bronze, a combination of copper and tin. The smelting of iron was not too common during the third millennium BC when this axe head was made.

The Canaanites
In Genesis 10:6,15-18, Canaan was listed as the fourth son of Ham and ancestor of the Canaanites who were the inhaitants of the land of Canaan, the older name for Palestine, in particular the west side of the Jordan River.
The Canaanites were noted for their buiding and musical skills. However, their religion was debased as they worshipped a pantheon of gods and godesses. Tablets discovered at Ugarit demonstrate the degrading, orgastic nature of Canaanite fertility-worship. Each of their gods were debased, and intensly corrupt and immoral.
When the Israelites were freed from Egyptian bondage one of the most important activities they engaged in was the destruction of the wicked Canaanites and thus, the cleansing of the God promised land of ''milk and honey''.
[Exodus 3:8]

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