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Syrian, circa: 2000 B.C.E.
The chariot, an ancient machine used primarrily as a conveyance for soldiers during combat.
The most ancient type of chariot consisted of a platform surrounded on three sides curving aroudn the front for protection. The chariol car had a tongue and yoke harnessed to speedy horses. The floor or platform upon which the rider stood consisted of a network made of rope which gave better footing than would a wooden surface. In time, the chariot changed from a two axel four wheel conveyance to a much speedier single axel two wheel wehicle. War chariots were used by many of the pagan nations who opposed Israel. At the Red Sea in 1513 B.C.E. Pharaoh's entire army included six hundred special war chariots. This was a formadable war machine in ancient times.

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