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This lovely manuscript was prepared by Olive Rhienland a cloistered nun who left the cloister and worked at the Morgan library as a consultant. In addition to medieval calligraphy, she also produced excellent needlepoint and banners in the 1930's.
-The above information supplied by a relative.

Concerning Purple Manuscripts
This lovely double leaf is made of fine vellum dyed purpe. The lettering is accomplished in letters of silver and gold. This imitates the precious manuscripts of Caroligian style of the ninth and tenth centuries produced at Tours France. The text is Eccl. chapter 12.

Purple Manuscript with Bible text (modern simulation)
Written on vellum skins dyed purple using gold and sivler inks.
One of the most lavish forms that the Bible ever came in were the purple manuscript of the middle ages.
The skins used were dyed royal purple and the inks used to inscribe them were pure silver of gold.
Only royalty could afford such lavish production, and rather than add to the value of the scriptures, they made them the object of their apulinse. When poor honest men looked for and hoped for a simple Bible text on simple materials, royalty would use their lavish Bibles as a boast of their wealth and power.

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