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1st Century
A needle, one of the smallest among the necessities in life, is in a sense closely interwoven with the creation and fall of the human race. According to Genesis, Adam and Eve were created to like naked in an environment in which they didn't have to wear any clothes. Bible says in Genesis 3:21 that the LORD GOD ''made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.'' From this statement, couldn't we reason that GOD used a needle to make garments for them and that the garments are the product of the fall of the human being?
The needle shown here was typical during Jesus' time. When Jesus said that it was easier for the rich to enter the kingdom of GOD than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, HE was keeping this kind of needle in mind.
The ancient needle was much bigger and coarser than the slim and sophisticated one of today. The ancient needle was made from metal because invention of stainless came about possible much later.
We can surmise that the ancient threat was much thicker than that of today. And the quality of fabric as well as of threat in those times was not high so that a traveler had to keep a needle on his journey. Needle was also used to weave nets and wineskins in ancient times.

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