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AD 100-200
Since ancient times, surgery has been known to man. It is believed that the first surgeon's tool was probably a piece of flint stone.
Generally speaking, the period of Greek Medicine has been frequently referred to as the beginning of medicine. For nearly 600 years it flourished being taught and practiced not only in Greece but in the surrounding countries such as Rome and Alexandria.
Greek medicine and surgery grew up side by side as partners. Medicine continued to develop under the Romans who had gained much of their medical knowledge from the Greeks. Greek physicians began practicing in Rome about 300 BC while Julius Caesar gave Roman citizenship to all freeborn Greek physicians in Rome in 46 BC.
Another recognized period known as the Greco Roman occurred from the time of the great physician, Galen until the fall of the Roman Empire in 476. Toward the end of this era, Greek influence began to fade. Only a few medical men were respected and most were little better off than slaves. After a time Roman medicine fell into the orbit of Byzantine culture and lost its original virility, inherited from the Greeks.

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