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!. The weeds of Jesus illustration (Matt. 13:24-30,36-43) are generally believed to bearded darnel, which very much resembles wheat until maturity, when it can redily be redily distinguished from wheat by its smaller black seeds.
2. This together with the fact that the roots become entwined with the wheat would make it most undesirable to pull up the weeds in the early stage. If darnel seeds become mixed with wheat kernels after the harvest, this can have a serious effect on the eater. Dizziness and even fatal poisoning have been attributed to eating bread containing too much darnel flour. This poisonous property is believed to steam from a fungus growing within it.
3. The term ''weeds'' is used to represent people who by their unfaithfulness have become worthless and fit only for fire. Isa 9:18,19

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