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Dipper Juglet - Late Bronze age
ca. 12th Century C.E.
Clay juglet used to dip into large storage vessels to obtain oil for use in the home.
Oil was an all important commodity in ancient times. It was used as a fuel in oil lamps, as an ingredient for cooking, as a lubricant on the skin. Olive oil of various qualities was used for different purposes. The less expensive oil was used in lamps, the better qualities for cookin and as skin ointment. Oil was stored in large earthenwar jars and a small dipper flask or juglet was used to dip into the storage vessel to extra oil for general use. On one occassion a widow did a good deed towards the prophet Elijah, the Tishbite, by cooking a meal for him using the last oil she had in a jar. For this kindness to Jehovah's prophet, both the flour jar and oil jar miraculously did not run out of flour or oil a God's command.
See 1 Kings 17:8-12

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