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Babylonia Blackstone Stamp Seal

Old Babylonian Steatite Cylinder Seal with Presentation Scene

Lime Stone Cylinder Seal

Neo Babylonian Marble Stamp Seal

Roman Blue Glass Personal Seal Amulet

Syrian Stamp Seal

Egyptian Clay Bulla with Seal Impression of Pharoah Ramses II

New Kingdom Plaque of Egyptian Pharoah Seti I

New Kingdom Scarab Seal with the name of Pharoah Tuthmose III

Hittite Stone Stamp

Neo-Assyrian Stone Stamp Seal

Syrian Stone Stamp Seal

Babylonia Stamp Seal

Ancient Egyptian Scarab Seal

Black Stone Cylinder Seal

Green Stone Gable Seal

Ancient Seal Impressions (Facsimile)

2001-2002 Museum of Biblical World