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1st Century
4 pc.
This nail shown in the picture was often used in the ancient times when Jesus lived and was nailed on the cross. The crucifixion was recognized as the cruelest means of execution even in those days, afflicting the most pain to those being executed.
At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, nails were used for building a ship as well as a house in the near-east regions. The nails being used for the former were bigger than those of the latter. Therefore, one can easily guess that nails used by the Roman soldiers were probably three shipbuilding sized ones. Some argue that the big bamboo nails could have been used to do so. This theory is, however hardly supported by the archaeologists.
Here is the process of crucifixion described in short during Jesus' time. A prisoner who was sentenced to crucifixion was extremely persecuted at the same place where he was judged. A whip with the metal hook was used to persecute him so that he would be consequently exhausted almost to the point of death even though he was to be crucified. Therefore, it was not highly irregular for Simon to carry Jesus' cross as recorded in the New Testaments.
Once they had arrived at the execution place, the executioners would put the cross down on the surface to nail two hands of the prisoner. Then, the cross was erected with him and they nailed his feet. There were two kinds of nailing of the feet, one way of which was to nail the feet separately and the other way was to nail with the feet folded. The Roman soldiers seemed to have nailed Jesus' feet with his feet folded.

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