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ca. 100 B.C.E. - 100 C.E.
The use of fishhook dates back much farther to the ancient times than we imagine. This implies that civilization originated near the rivers. The original fishhook is described as being shaped like a pin or hook in the Old Testament.
Fishhook was a popular means of catching fish in Jesus' time. For commoners, fish was one of the main sources for protein, since meat was usually unobtainable for the poor. Therefore, fishing developed rapidly around the Galilee Sea where some of Jesus' disciples including Peter came from. Fishing was regarded as a low-level occupation along with acrobats and bird traders.
The fishhook shown in this picture was easily seen in near east areas during Jesus' time. This fishhook seems to have been used for catching ''musht'', 30 centimeters long. From one of the Biblical episodes, musht was probably nicknamed Peter's fish.
One thing interesting in this fishhook is that the pin is attached to the end of the main structure, opposite to the modern one.

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